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JIS 2804-2001

JIS 2804-2001

Guangdong Fangda Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional processing, production and sales of flat pad, spring pad, stainless steel spring pad, stainless steel flat pad, brass gasket, wave pad, bowl-shaped gasket, wave gasket, outside Tooth gasket, square gasket, metal stamping parts and other product production bases, need to contact us hotline: 13718182728
  • Product material: iron, galvanized, stainless steel (201, 301, 316), copper, aluminum, 65Mn

  • Applicable industries: hardware industry, electrical industry, electronics industry, toy industry, furniture industry

  • Implementation of the standard: GB GB 896-1986 / German standard DIN 6799-1981 / Japanese standard JIS 2804-2001

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